Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hurricaine Bill sidles on by...

today after Bill brushed up against our shore
I went out...
first just walking down the road
to the bay with
the sky was vivid...

the light was divine.
no really.
it was.

everything glistened in that light

every piece of grass was illuminated

every living thing was brighter and more present

it was pretty nice

Hoagy and I sat on the docks and just gazed out

after a long game of monopoly

and a good dinner of chili

Ron and I decided we'd check out Prospect Village


the waves out on the horizon were rising up and over small islands

the light was breaking and changing and leaving and coming back

the sea was black and gold or blue and silver or pink

you can see the wave in this one

people joined us as we watched

it felt like a benediction

it was hard to leave...

I took 67 pictures...
bye bye Bill - you weren't much of a hurricaine but you
were a beaut of a storm


arlommoen said...

Great pics! Nothing but wind and rain in the city. Dangerous to be out because of flying debris. Glad you enjoyed it even if Bill was only a Willy.

Liz in PA said...

I did not realize you lived that close to the ocean. I have never seen the Atlantic Ocean.
Hope I get a chance to travel one of these days!

Rayna M. said...

Gorgeous photographs, and lovely post.
Especially liked how you summed it up - 'you weren't much of a hurricane, but you were a beaut of a storm.'

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

These are beautiful pictures and lovely text. I'm glad Bill didn't make any problems for you.

Mystery Writing is Murder

LABANAN said...

Thanks Arlo - I wanted more! I am a storm junkie!
Liz - you'd be welcome here anytime! The Atlantic is the best...
Rayna - I love to think of you in Bombay reading about Hurricaine Bill!!
Elizabeth - Thank you...the chickens freaked out and layed one egg between them in the yard which broke and was washed clean! Ron was highly indignant - ha!

Mary said...

thank you for this beautiful post!!