Sunday, July 19, 2009

This Precious Life

I can see the little peeps just outside my window in the garden. They are eating the purple flowers I think but I don't care. Their Mom has her head up high looking out for danger. They are growing so fast.
My grandchildren were just here with their parents. They liked looking at the chickens and they were able to feed them from their hands but not the little ones - they are too skittish. They couldn't have done that with John Wayne here. We had pizza that Ron made and then went down to the playground where they played like mad for awhile while Jess, Shelley and I talked. It was very nice. I just put a gingerbread into the oven. We're taking it tonight to Pete and Sue's - they are getting married again tonight. I married them the first time about four years ago but now they're getting it all official like. We're going to drink mango margaritas and sit out in the back yard eating desserts. At first I wrote deserts but that would not be good to eat I think.
Then I have two days to do nothing but work on my book. The kids will be with us but it is summer and they are teenagers and so. Jake is working with his dad and the two of them are loving it. So nice when it works eh?
In two weeks from yesterday a friend of mine is coming for a visit with her husband. I have not seen her in 28 years. I have never met her husband and I have whole husbands she's never met either. I am so excited and scared and just well full of something.
I happen to know today that life is precious so kiss your lovers, your kids and even maybe your dogs. Love your precious life as you only get to love one at a time (life that is). Eat things that please you that are made with love, create works that please you and are made with love, look outside at whatever version of tiny peeps getting to know the world that you may have and rejoice.
The lojong slogan I pulled today says "Having changed your attitude, remain that way." OK - I think I will.

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arlommoen said...

I liked your nice family blog and your meandering phiosophy.Please stay that way.
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