Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

isn't there a song that goes like that and not Sunday in the park with george though that is nice too ...
WE have sun. just thought I'd stick that in. there is a bright orb shining above, the radience of celestial warmth is upon us - I'm addled with it. It is sunning, it is sunning!!!!

Ron and I went out in the rowboat to Herne Island and had a picnic on the hill and I went in up to mid thighs in the ocean. Nah, it doesn't count unless you get your panakapan wet but it was pretty cold even for me. Then we rowed home and I'm absolutely beat beyond belief. The sun came out when we were nearly home but that's OK. I'm not complaining. There was a curious seal who followed us part way - he would pop his lovely round head up if we stopped rowing to see what we might be up to.

There is a mad profusion of daylilies out my window. The baby chicks are becoming nearly teenagers (just what we need around here) and soon as I'm finished yacking to you all I'll get to my book. I'm on page 132 - reading aloud, making the last edit's changes and zooming to the finish line of the second draft - reader ready!

I have to walk the beast and make gingerbread. Then it'll be a day!

See you later!
Crow with one peep showing! Why are you taking my picture? This is a private moment...

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