Saturday, June 27, 2009


'Let's go and check the eggs before I go off to Linder's, OK? Maybe if we're wrong and Crow didn't leave them too long there might be pips since they're due in the next day or two.'
And out we go to the coop, my love and I. One of the reds - Ruby, Bea? - jumps off the proper nest box with much fussing. I pop a warm brown egg into my pocket. Sweet Patootie takes the top off the special nest box (a small doggy carrier) and gently lifts Crow off the brood. I see a broken shell and think 'damn, an egg got broken' and that is my addled state of mind. SP says 'look a little black chick and one egg pipped'


I wanted to rush in and get my camera but Ron, who is the dearest chicken rancher ever - says 'No, let's not bother her again' and so I desist.

Now I'm going on line to find out how soon we need to get water and food for the wee ones. They can't reach the containers we have for the big guys.

pictures on Monday...


arlommoen said...

Hallelulya! A black chick!Do you suppose its ancestors were African? How many more did you get? Any chinese; plymouth rocks; bantam; or brahma? I can hardly wait to hear.

Southpaw said...

Where are the pictures? I want to see pictures!