Thursday, June 18, 2009

and another thing...

I thought I might address some of the topics I promised to cover in this blog -
gardening I have my garden in as they say. Three beds - one with

pumpkins, zucchini and Sweet Mama (!) squash - perennials at each end - coriander and parsley I think. One with tomato plants, globe basil, radishes, carrots, bush peas, lettuces of various sorts and again perennials at either end - maybe tarragon and more basil. And one with sweet peppers, scarlet runner beans, arugula, and herbs again.
I am not overly worried about what comes up and what doesn't as my main concern was getting three beds ready, double-dug - manured in, top-dressed etc... so next spring all I have to do is plant. Also it is fenced all around so pesky chickens can't get in and DESTROY. I planted annuals in my front pots at the corner of the house for feng shui reasons and they keep tossing them out looking for seeds or bugs. So I put chopsticks in to keep them out but so far - not working that well. The front garden is slightly chaotic with too many weedy type things but the perrenials are doing well - irises are blooming, gekko looks good, and all the daylilies are awaiting the time to blow everything else out of the water. Such show-offs.

chickens - Crow has been sitting six eggs for almost two weeks now. She has a week and a bit to go before we start looking for peeps! She is in a small dog kennel on the coop floor. We leave the door open and sometimes one of the other hens sneaks in and lays an egg but we've marked the ones for peeps so we just check and take it out. John Wayne is being nasty and sneaky but I'm not letting it bother me because his time is nigh! Ron will do the deed and we're giving him to our neighbours who insist that his crowing at 4 in the morning doesn't bother them. I really can't wait to see little fuzz butts in the yard! Wonder what weird colours they will be.
writing - not sure where I am with this. I've got about 170 revised but I have problems that I'm not facing square on or I'm not seeing or admitting or something. Supposed to be a rainy weekend so perhaps I'll really get through the muddle.
living the complicated simple life - hmmm...managing mostly not to buy food out which was my aim for this year - this year's austerity campaign! So freaked out about money but that can go either way with me - spending nothing or getting foolish. I did buy sneakers - merrills for my feet that were desperately needing something good. They weren't too expensive either. Have cut out all sorts of expences and will continue to. An antique dealer is coming to look at my Mikado china - I love it but it never comes out of the cupboard. Rather find someone who likes it to have it.

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Southpaw said...

The garden is looking great you. I cannot wait to see the chicks when hatched.. I am so pleased that you will not have to leave your nest, it is a great spot. I finally posted on my blog this morning. I know I am all over the place, I will go and work know. See ya soon