Tuesday, May 12, 2009

me with Bones and Cal in the water and brother Don in the dinghy

tuesday morning - up early around sixish. John Wayne crowing. No kids. Today I am getting a delivery (thankyou Kim!) of manure. Do you get excited when manure or dirt is being delivered? I do. It's like Christmas. Kim and a friend are bringing it in her truck. They are also bringing one of Kim's new lambs. It's not thriving so she needs to coddle it and so I will get to see it. I wish she'd bring the two runt pigs too. But not the llama - that would be ridiculous. I also have two other glorious women arriving to help with the garden ( Jaymie and Georgia) and Val is coming as it is Tuesday. So altogether there should be six women with pitchforks and wheelbarrows up to our panakapans in sh*t! Yay! Life doesn't get much better. Oh but it does! Because I also have a mushroom onion tomato sauce cooking to make mousaaka with. I am back to being a vegetarian as of yesterday. Why yesterday? Because one should always start new or renewed ventures on a Monday sillies! So I am going to make a wonderful mousakka (note how each time I write this I slightly change the spelling) and salad for dinner. Ron is not impressed when I take up weird eating habits. He get's antsy when I stop drinking coffee. Ah well. He's a nuturing guy and doesn't like to be hampered in that. So I'm out to convince him that it will be no hardship. I'm happy to cook up his meat when I'm cooking if we have to have it. Though bacon is very very hard as it is my downfall. I need to find vegies with lots of yun and eggplant and mushrooms both have it. Maybe we can have it at lunch if there is enough and there are still women around.
Later this afternoon I'm taking Betty (my car) to the mechanics. She needs her summer tires put on and she is making a funny ticking sound and a weird scraping sound and so on... Crossing my fingers because this is a VERY skinny time for us. Ron has had little work though there is some in the near future and we have suffering tenants and so on. Too bad I love this house so much because really we should...
Fiddle-de-dee says Scarlett - tomorrow is another day!

Rockwalker update: Nothing doing. I'm leaving it stew for a bit and will get back to it when Ron is gone. It needs to mellownate (I just made that word up and I'm quite pleased with it). I think to keep my practice up I'll start novel four. Not a mystery. That would be novel five. Keep track you people!

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