Friday, May 15, 2009

It's a Witchy Day

It's a rainy weird day. I feel sort of raw and unfinished. I am still home and will go in this afternoon for a couple of appointments and I did two thousand more on the next book. Weird to write about a place I haven't been to in so many years but the memories are coming in fast and furious. One of the things I found out is the hotel in the town burnt down last year. I don't feel one bit sad. Perhaps it will be a bad thing to stay in a place for the time it takes to write a book when I have such dislike for the place. Well, we'll see. I might need therapy while I do it but it seems to be time to tell that story.

I picked up dear little Betty - she needs to go back to the shop next week for the rest of what she needs but all in all it could be worse. Still be about 900 bucks but nothing wrong with the engine and she runs better already. The mechanic thinks she's a fine vehicle -well taken care of and should last me lots more years. Good that. Do they all say that? It seems a nice bunch of guys - hard-working and Ron says they wouldn't rob you if you invited them to. I miss my old guys but they closed down the gas business and haven't opened up their mechanic shop yet and I couldn't wait any longer.

Last night Ron and I went to hear a lecture from Robert Mellin. He wrote Tilting, a wonderful book about a small community on Fogo Island off the coast of Newfoundland. He talked for two hours and showed lots of slides which was fun. He is a very interesting person - an architect mainly but the book is full of meanders into what it means to be a community and how folks treat each other under certain circumstances and what is happening to these outports today - not good that. I thought of Ron's mother's place in Labrador and really if it weren't for the kids and how expensive it is to get back and forth from there I really would like to retreat there right now. I could write and get a job at Shishishui - the aboriginal settlement - I think. We could take care of Ruby who must be finding it a bit hard to live on her own at 85 and pick berries and have our chickens and roam on the beach and talk to the remaining uncles and aunts and eat salmon. yep. sounds good except for the MASSIVE biting bugs all summer and the unspeakably cold winters that last until the MASSIVE bugs arrive again and how I'd have to take up smoking just to keep them off my goddamn face for five minutes and how my step-kids would never speak to us again for possibly ruining their lives. OH I guess we won't be going there but the two second dream was nice.
Enough now. Going to find something to eat. Probably an egg.

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