Sunday, April 5, 2009

oh this messy room

OK before I go soak my head (and the rest of me) just a few notes on this demented day.

Writing - I did 1,500 which I'm pretty darn happy about.

Cleaning room - it is fairly amazing what I've done but I CAN'T STOP which is problematic because I need to have a bath and sleep but I CAN'T STOP. I want to itemize what I've done because...well...because I want to.
  1. I put all my big huge FREE frames in my cupboard. I had to move boxes of old papers downstairs which is another problem but never mind. And it meant I had to read through about 60 of my papers that I wrote in University and get glad or sad or mad all over again.
  2. I threw out bags and bags of paper. Not threw out but carefully taking all staples out put them in bags for recycling. BAGS.

  3. I put my knitting supplies and sewing stuff on the stairs and s.p. must have taken them up the stairs because they aren't there now. He hates things on the stairs but doesn't seem to mind things on the counters. Weird.

  4. I put my art supplies - oil paints, brushes and goo gah in the cupboard (closet in the office).

  5. I took boxes of old papers, photos etc...down to the furnace room. I'll still have to deal but it will be better. For instance I don't work in the furnace room so it is automatically better.

  6. I cleaned my supply bookcase of all the aforementioned doo-dah and now it is neatly filled with organized files for the most part. I mean really I have about 25 hours worth of organizing but it LOOKs organized and as you all know that is very important.

  7. I am left with tonnes of nubbins lying on the floor which I'm going to bang into small boxes - sorry Cindy - not big boxes because it has weird things I need to file a few years worth of taxes. OK just one that I owe. but still. let's not talk about that OK because that is the source of my insomnia and I don't want to wake that up!

  8. Then I'll take a photo - then I'll go to my bath and bathe the bathing of the righteous.



arlommoen said...

Sure looks organized! Mine is a real mess, but I'm accustomed to it and it looks "lived in". Yours looks all sterile now.

Cindy said...

Oh, I sent you the email before seeing you had a new post!! This is looking excellent!! You have been one hard working woman and you got alot of words written!! Very proud of you! Small boxes work too...LOL!

labanan said...

ha ha Arlo! sterile - you're just jealous. But you are still a winner! When I next see you I'll bring you your prize.

And yep Cindy - they do- lots of stuff went into recycling too. I still have lots to do but it looks good!