Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Free Day

And what is a free day? A free day is when the thing you've been paid for and planned for is cancelled for a reason not of your making so all guilt associated with such a day is expunged. Therefore it is well and truly free - liberated from constraints of any sort. And how does one approach a free day? With a light heart and a fulsome desire to make it worthy of its freedom.

I kept abed this morning so that my sweet patootie and I could have some time unencumbered (free to wit) after the steps had gone off to school. We had some communicating to do that requires such a time. Then some coffee more reading of Death Comes for the Fat Man - a Pascoe and Dalziel mystery (Reginald Hill - a total favourite). A few calls of a casual nature and then breakfast - Montreal bagel, peanut butter and pears on top, apple juice followed by dessert - a Blondie - oh I don't often have dessert following breakfast but today is a free day remember? Now to get to work. I'm actually going to tackle all those still floating bits of papers and my weird not working filing system. Easy to do in this lovely clean environment and I will intersperse it with feverish writing on The Rock Walker - for dear readers - I am entering the home stretch - with eight or nine or so measly thousand to write and then my favourite - the first edit - I love that part!

The other possible activities for the day include:

  1. looking into broody hen care as SP asked me if we thought we should give it a try!!! - I cannot tell you how ecstatic this makes me and I didn't ask him. I waited. Oh I love that man!
  2. Cleaning the front closet and entryway - I moved boots and coats downstairs but it is filthy! And with this rain probably will remain somewhat so but I'd like to clean one level of gunk before the next hardens.
  3. Organizing papers and possible ways to go with the workshop I have tomorrow - 18 (!) youth with disabilities and a seven hour day. Yikes!
  4. Some more baking. As this too gives me mucho pleasure.

So dear readers, I will keep you abreast. And for you winners of the ALL ARE WINNERS contest recently held - I am going to list some possible sorts of prizes - you tell me which sort you are keen to receive:

  1. Knit ware
  2. a book
  3. bizarre trinket or odd jewelry
  4. photo that you have seen on line and like (if this one please send me email saying which one you want.

ps - the pic is of me finishing the Dublin Marathon in 2002. That is how I feel today although perhaps I don't look this way...hmmm...don't go there Jan's head. Just don't.


Jude said...

Glad you have a free day - and you're making so much of it! I've sort of got a free day, should be doing some of the musician's books but don't have all that I need. Am taking lunch out to Rosy, and some reading material.
You will have to mail my winnings, so choose something light and small.
Enjoy the day!

Liz in PA said...

I didn't enter, so I didn't win, cause I did not know about the contest! I must be more attentive if I do say so!

I love your Runner's Bib Number from the 2002 Entry:

8674 <-----Great Numbers!

Yes.......#8 and #7 are my astrological lucky numbers.....so it's good I share them w/you too!

labanan said...

Why Liz in PA of course you won - the contest was only to comment and I didn't put an end on it yet! And besides ALL ARE WINNERS AND ALL SHALL HAVE PRIZES! email me your address and what sort of thingy you might like of the list and you too shall enjoy being a WINNER! YAY!