Monday, March 30, 2009

The Writing Life

64,015 March 30, 2009 - getting caught up - did my thousand at work on the laptop. hurrah! Tomorrow writing day so want to get to 66 thousand. Or not. Or just try and figure out who did what to who and why. Might be nice if the author was in on it but hey!

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arlommoen said...

I admire your persistance and word flow. Right now I suffer wreiter's block.This doesn't matter as I am still researching for my proposed second novel. I expect it will take a few years to write. In the meantime, I am wondering if I can use a collection of writing I have already done and call it
"A SAILOR'S POEMS". I won't know until I get feedback from one or two poets. I hope they will visit my blog and see my quandary.