Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Writing Life

the image is of a cape islander at the wharf in West Dover.

today I went to the market with the step-dot and then my sweet patootie and I went down to Barbara's in Seabright. Ron had to measure up a window for her and I went because I hadn't seen her in awhile and because I wanted to check something out for my novel and that is right on the way.

It was thrilling after this long and icy winter to see the setting of the novel in full techno-colour. Ron allowed for some shun-piking down to West Dover and a few other coves and bays. I got some pics and then I came home and wrote for awhile. I still havent' recovered all the words I pruned but I'm getting there. I won't post a word count til tomorrow but I am very happy to be caught so thoroughly in the dream of my book.

later dear readers...

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oceanartist said...

whoa, nice image. I wanna come home.