Tuesday, March 31, 2009

where has the knitting gone to?

knitting? what knitting? It is as if it had never been. I don't care about wool - I don't need to be holding needles and working madly to finish - what? A hat - ta da! Nope. It is as if it had never been. I can hardly bear to write about it - not because I feel tortured. No. The opposite. I never was in love with knitting - I don't know what you are talking about. What? Me knit? Nah! And it is snowing here so even though I feel like it is a seasonal thing it sure has nothing to do with the actual weather. Perfect knitting weather really. Only I don't care. My love is gone. I still want to cook and writing as you dear readers know is taking off like a wildfire but knit. Nada. Oh well. Sorry if any of you care. Probably attack me again in the fall though one summer I did knit as I recall.

Not much further word wise on the book but great leaps forward in answering some of the burning questions I had and figuring out the logistics. One - or I should say I - am so reluctant to change things. It is like you are designing your house and you've actually gotten to building it or just laying it out. At any rate you've decided that the stairs goes this way. Then a whole lot of things need attending and you wiggle the plans and wiggle your desires to meet what you just willy nilly planned for no particular good reason in the first place. Does that make sense to you? That actually happened when we were designing this place. All of a sudden we realized that the stairs had to be opposite of where we had them and then everything was perfect. But the reluctance to change that original idea is amazing. So today, dear reader, I decided that the gallery that shows my protagonist's art is close to Peggy's Cove and not in Halifax. It has a sister gallery in town but one out where she is. This makes all sorts of things wrong and needing to be changed but it WORKS for the plot and right now plot is Queen. I was going to say King but I thought about it.
bye bye now. I have two chicken pot pies in the oven - thank you smitten (see left)!

mmmm...were they good - highly recommend! Also check new word count below - now I'm going to sleep. yep or read...

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arlommoen said...

How could you possibly do all that writing, thousands of words, and knit too? Why don'tou branch out into yarn selling in your spare time, then forget knitting.
The female mind has always fascinated me because it is wired different than mine. Your minds never stop. That is why you insomniate(I like that) so much. My mind just lets go and relaxes when I remember to work on income taxes or my next book? or whatever.
At some point I have to take myself hy the scruff of the neck and get on with it.
I visit here every once in a while just to see how a writer becomes. Good on you!