Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today is spring even though it isn't technically and for sure not warmth wise none the less it is now spring. Last night the aged old man winter tried to scare us by waving his bony hands around and blustering a bit. It was embarrassing really. All the withered sad old coot did was to hide the full moon from our skies. She'll get him good for that I bet.


Hi ! I'm Cindy said...

Hi, I just came over to check out your blog........ it's a hoot!! Teenager problems, eh? I myself do not have any kids, but I have 3 psuedo kids (we're not married, so they're not step) and 2 grandchildren. John's youngest son is 16 and...... I understood and empathized as I was reading!

Good luck with your writing, wish you can find a way to take your retreat!!

Hi ! I'm Cindy said...

oops, forgot.... I'm CindyP from Chickens in the Road :)

labanan said...

hi back cindy - went to your site and tried to leave a comment but wouldn't take it - grrrr! maybe it won't here. tells me my password is incorrect. jeesh. anywhoosie - I'll put your blog address on the blogs I'm following... and by the way I'm not married either - at least not to the man I live with but I still call them my step-kids. I'm still here parenting what else makes you a parent? You don't have to be married to be called a mom so why to become a step-mom?
talk to you soon!