Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Glorious Road Trip

Here we are off to LaHave Bakery and Homegrown Boards down in on the LaHave river. The car was fun - we got into telling real and heard ghost stories.

the bakery was great - hearty sandwiches for the male folk and black bean with smoked sausage soup for the gals.

We went upstairs to Homegrown Boards this amazing venture of a bunch of guys and a few girls to create a skate board shop - they make their own decks and there is a half-pipe built into the shop. We had a great time poking around and the one fellow who was there never even saw us. He was grooving to some great tunes and building decks in the workshop...

Back down the stairs and labrynth halls of this old building to the bakery to get some car chocolate chip cookies - you know to eat in the car while you wait for the ferry. Ya man! A whole vacation in one day. The ferry costs $5. It used to be 35 cents but it is still worth it.

What a great day! I wasn't sure the kids would even go - they are at their mom's and it's spring break NO March break. And they are teenagers. And they get...erh...pissy sometimes. But not today. Their mom was working so since my sweet patootie and I were both free today I organized that we would get them and take them somewhere. K., my pal, told me about the board shop and voila we had a plan. The kids came with little prodding surprisingly and everyone was cheerful and fun all day long. Oh man, I love to write this.

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