Sunday, March 22, 2009

don't mean to ignore you...

Random photo from gathering in Mont Tremblant.

Really why should you, dear reader, care about my silly obsession with numbers? If I can't get to sleep - the only un-medicated way that remotely works some of the time is to count. Not sheep - numbers. How many numbers have you got there Morrison? Oh, I don't know - let me count them. I think it is why I like knitting because no matter how straight-forward the pattern is and I think I've established that I don't do complicated ones - there is STILL counting going on under it all. Keeping the beat. Primordial maybe. This number obsession was ratcheted up when I got into Buddhism. First of all it is rife with lists - 4 Noble Truths, 3 Jewels, sixteen this and twelve that. Then when you are doing some practices you count - thus the mala or beads. And time alone can get you counting - in school - how many seconds can I hold my breath? How many minutes can I take this boredom? I suppose to go back to the counting sheep or stitches or seconds - it has a rather numbing effect. Really, can I worry about whatever I worry and fret about (no forget it! I will not spill) when I have to keep count? No.

So thank you for unwittingly becoming part of my obsession. I hope it isn't catching. In fact I count on it.

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