Tuesday, March 17, 2009

best laid plans of chicks and gals

OY! My head hurts and that ain't the half of it. Went to bed full of promise - couldn't sleep - moved downstairs - started having a rumble in my guts - turned into a big donnybrook. Thinks happened - unpleasant things...probably slept by four or five.

do I feel like dusting or wiping. No I do not.

I'm going to try and have breakfast after this and then we'll see. Like to write at least and today is

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

which means - no green beer for me - oddly I think I realized what happened last night was that yesterday afternoon I drank four cups of Green Tea. Yep it had to leave my body - with hostages.

IT MEANS - I bought no clothing, new or used for a year!!!! Except for my one fall of the wagon when I bought a piece of material that the kiosk seller at Faneuill Market in Boston told me I could convert to 125 outfits!!! But other than that nada!

Today I'm picking up my pal, Kerol, and we're hitting the mall like 14 year olds. Except I have very very little dough and all I want is a pair of new jeans. There!

This year's St. Paddy's Day Challenge - make food and snacks for work and stay out of restaurants except for special occasions.


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