Thursday, February 5, 2009

a short statement of worth

Today I flipped one of the Lojong cards over to see what I might focus on - "Abandon any hope of fruition." hmmm...good one - could've stopped anywhere and still been good. Abandon - yes abandon - abandon anything you are holding on to - let it drop - let it roll - let it go. Any - any - even that most precious of things - hope or your wallet or a dream or - the point is ANY which means all - search out in the rag & bone shop of your heart ALL little things you are hiding and clutching and hoping to sneak through the gate past the border guards - Hope - which is what exactly - what exactly is hope so beloved of the Christians so derided by the Buddhists - hope for something later because now just ain't good enough? OF - being born from - anything being born of hope - which could be just itself -hope that is and then Fruition - the harvest, the goodies, the final wonderful tying up of loose ends - the performance instead of this tedious not quite good enough rehearsal. I have to abandon that? Alright. Now will have to do.

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