Friday, February 13, 2009

oh never mind...

Didn't sleep. Had group of young adults (15-21) out in Sackville. Nervous about driving to place I've never been. Confused altogether about layout of Sackville - seems like a bunch of roads covered in fast food joints that kinda twist around each other. Nice library though. Good kids in their own special way. Then farther out to Boulderwood to pick up step-dot and her bud at the stable. Terrible icy drive-way to stable but did it - got in got out didn't mess my hair do - and then back to home - drop off bud -also terrible icy road, got a bit stuck bet got out (repeat refrain) then home with step-dot so she could pack up - all kids back at mother's .

Now waiting for him to come home. Bit picked at him - usual v-day argument. don't nag me - don't ignore me - diffuse - say it is something else - we both feel bad. Now he's home and I'm going to see what is up now.

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