Saturday, February 7, 2009

Market Day!

I love going to the market and we'd hadn't been in ages. My step-dot and I left about 9:15 - kinda late but we go for the 'experience' not the early vegetables which by the way there aren't any We always park in the lot - we like to NOT worry about finding a free place because we're sort of princesses and anyway...well we like to. And then we like to get some dough from the machine and go get fantastic Saturday noodles and dumplings and spring rolls and chicken on a stick. We REMEMBERED to bring our handy dandy two containers nested into one for the food and our OWN chopsticks and we sat happily on the cement stairs and surveyed our princessesdom. Ah! Then we got sourdough and I stood in line at Sweet Williams for sausages and step-dot went and got montreal bagles. Then upstairs for fish, hugged Elizabeth B. at Stevereno's, then over for apples and down and around and up and out stopping for sweet parsnips and more apples BUT not eggs because well..she said...ah shucks...we don't need to - we got THREE yesterday and THREE today...oh and chocolate after tasting it from the incrediably cute Brit boy who told me all about REAL chocolate that hasn't been ruined by cooking. yummy all way round.

NEXT we went to meet Ron and step-boy to bring him home but we didn't right away because they were going to the Cosy for brunch so we joined them. how fun is that? and then me and the two steps came home. And I walked the Hoagy and read the Globe and ate sausage and bread and NOW Ron and I are going to the movies hurrah to see Slumdog Millionaire.

ah, the very good very simplest life....

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