Thursday, February 26, 2009

lapsed by the dreaded lurghy

I have been ill dear reader. struck down in the middle of the night while on a sleep-over at my friend, Julia's. Julia, Willa and I had watched the oscars (the new improved oscars!) right to the end and I crawled into bed with Jules knowing I had a full day ahead of me on Monday but alas alack I woke to a feeling so completely lousy - no wrong word - hmmm....let me just say that for the next few days and even, dear reader, continuing yet abating today - I could not bear the pain of wearing my glasses, my eyelashes which I felt to be a dead non-existent part of me ached like amputated limbs, so sick that I missed Shambhala Day for only the second time in nineteen years and the first time had been for the weather event referred to in Nova Scotia as 'White Juan'. I did stumble through Monday - although most of my clients didn't show or were headed off by me and then I drove home - somehow - and crawled into bed only to get dressed today! I cancelled the rest of my week and plan to re-enter the world slowly. So in an hour or so - I will try and post something else but for now...note the nice ashtray and lighter on the coffee table..this can't be our house because I don't recognize the look at all. Hmmm...?

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Jude said...

I'm sorry you've been so ill. Hope you are MUCH better, now.
The coffee table you'll remember if your mind takes the glass top off. The lighter I remember but my goodnes, whose ashtray was that? Maybe it only came out for the Queen's visits.