Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm going to retire to my couch of indulgence now...

I think that is a quote from the movie 'Happy Feet' - something close enough to that. I had a day with Sawyer - what a peach! I was asking him what he was looking forward to in regards to starting school next fall - he said he wanted to be a doctor. I was thinking...uh - learning to read but apparently I'm not nearly ambitious enough. In fact, when I asked him what sort of doctor he wanted to be he told me an eye surgeon. For god's sake where did that come from? When I asked him why he told me that he thought it would be neat to see inside people's eyeballs. I guess.

It's late - we're supposed to get another damn storm and I have lots of appointments tomorrow afternoon just when it is supposed to hit. So I think I'll sleep and dream.

I have some cool pictures but they'll have to wait cuz I'm too sleepy to wait for this slow poke machine to load them up. Until then you'll have to do with pics from the way past. For those of you who aren't my sister the above pic is left to right - Don, Jude, Moi
Ciao dear readers...

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Jude said...

Cousin Dianne sent an email, after I had sent her the link to your blog. She said this picture was fabulous, she remembers Aunt Win had one, and she remembers all of us at that stage from the time she spent in Abbotsford with us!
Good work, Jan - you should see what cousins emails we can dig up and email them the link.