Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Gift

Last night after a long work day I found out that the workshop I was to give in Dartmouth was cancelled. Not enough kids signed up. I was sad - because when this workshop works it is fun and feels good to be doing - happy - because I hate trying to find places in Dartmouth - irritated- because the short notice meant I couldn't do any other paid work - and so on and so on.

Today was a gift. A gift because I could expand into a day where I could write and knit. A gift because my step-son went back to sleep and missed the bus so I could repair some heart strings with him. A gift because I got to write with Gwen and make a fabulous omelette lunch for J. - the step-son, Gwen, Val and myself out of eggs produced by the gals! Yay!

Now it is only barely three and I'm going to write some more on my novel - The Rockwalker - and knit some more on my rastafarian style tam and do a little meditating. time is medicine.

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