Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Crazy Jane reflects on last year's resolutions...
1. No buying clothes until March 17, 2009 - pretty good on this. I bought a weird make a zillion dresses and skirts out of one piece of material in Boston in the summer at a kiosk. But other than that I'm good. It was tough the first few months but then really it doesn't bug me at all and I've gotten rid of lots that I don't wear too. It feels good. On March 17th my only desire is to buy a new pair of jeans. That's it.

2. Don't think I've spent more than $1.50 for coffee either. don't even think about this one.

3. I was totally successful with my bid for a no presents for adults Christmas...everyone in my family was relieved and it went well.

So hurrah for me! Now what will be my next ones;

1. Get the local food thing going - on its way - we have chickens, and we'll put in a veggie garden this year. I'd like bees too but not quite ready for that - we got 13 eggs in the past six days so wahooo!

2. Continue to work with my own mind about buying treats big or small instead of dealing with what is bothering me. A little hard to qualify but hey, I'll know.

3. Green up the cleaning, stop making extraneous car trips, and hmmmm....sit more??

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